Periodic Table Drill

This page permits practice in locating elements in the periodic table. When you click "New Element" an elemental name will appear in the cell. Click on the proper position in the table for that element. If you get it correct, the elemental symbol will replace the "__" in the square. The basic drill includes only elements 1-18 plus the remaining alkali metals,alkaline earths, halogens and noble gases. Before you begin or at any other time you may add additional elements using the selection boxes below.

  • Once you check a new group and begin it, you cannot simply "uncheck" it.
  • If you want to start over, either reload the page or press the "Reset" button.
  • When you complete a section, the timer will stop. If you then add sections, the timer will restart when you press "New Element".
  • You can also reset the timer by pressing the "Timer Reset" button.
    Select additional elements
    All the representative elements (inc. Zn group) First transition series
    Second and Third Transition Series Lanthanides and Actinides (inc. La and Ac)
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