Chemistry 108 Math Review

This is the top page for access to the CSUDH Chem 108 Math Review Pages. Your instructor will have given you some general instructions about the usage of this material. Although the primary aim of this section is the satisfaction of the math review requirement for Chemistry 108, the materials can also be used for drill and practice and general review. You should not have any difficulty using the pages. Remember that you do not submit the results to the instructor until you have satisfied the requirements set out by your instructor. General navigation is easy. To access a page, just click on the in front of the page title. To return here, click on the which appears at the bottom of each page. If you encounter any problems or pages which don't seem to execute properly, please notify:
Prof. George Wiger
NSM C-305
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#2-Linear Equations with one unknown-Integers
#3-Linear Equations with one unknown-Real Numbers
#4-Linear Equations with two unknowns-Integers
#5-Linear Equations with two unknowns-Real Numbers
#7-Quadratic Equations-Integers
#8-Quadratic Equations-Real Numbers
#9-Simultaneous Equations-Integers
#10-Simultaneous Equations-Real Numbers